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Welcome to the National Communication Association's Mass Communication Division Homepage

Welcome New and Continuing Members of MCD!

We're very glad that you are here. MCD is one of the most dynamic and exciting academic divisions in the field of communication. As MCD members we seek to enhance understanding of the structure, content, function, interpretation, and effects of our complex media environment. To that end, MCD is lucky to count many of the field's top researchers, teachers, and practitioners to be among its members.

As one of the largest divisions of NCA, MCD has historically been involved with a diversity of topics, such as: advertising/consumer culture, children and media, critical/cultural studies, film/cinema, media and health, media history, international/intercultural media studies, journalism/news, media processes and effects, new technology, pop culture, political communication, race and media, rhetoric, sexuality, sports, stereotyping, media law/policy/business, and television criticism ... to name a few! All methodologies are respected and welcome in our division.

MCD members work towards answering some momentous questions of the current times relating to the study of mass and mediated communication. If you are interested in media, you will find a home in our division. We encourage you to add your work to these important conversations!

Every year, the division recognizes the important work being conducted by its members with several key awards. First, excellence in scholarship is recognized through our Top Paper and Top Student Paper awards. The work selected for these awards exemplifies the best of a competitive field of scholarship. Previous top paper award winners can be seen here. Next, the division honors the contributions made by its members in the area of service. This award recognizes exemplary commitment to serving the profession broadly and serving more locally at the community, university and/or department levels. If you would like to submit a nomination for the MCD Service Award, you can do so here. Finally, the division honors excellence in instruction with its MCD Teaching Award. This recognition goes to individuals with outstanding accomplishments in the area of teaching. To submit a nomination for the teaching award or find out more about the criteria for this award, please see here. Award recipients are honored each year at the Mass Communication Division’s business meeting at NCA.

We welcome new and continuing members to join us at the 103rd convention of the National Communication Association. This year we will convene in Dallas, Texas from November 16-19. The Convention Theme is “Our Legacy, Our Relevance." It will be a great opportunity to explore new possibilities with respect to pedagogy, research, service, administration, and community outreach within the contours of mass/mediated communication scholarship.

If you are interested in the study of mass/mediated communication, please do join us! If you would like to learn more about the division or provide us with feedback, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you all in Philadelphia!

Sri Narissra Punyanunt-Carter
Chair, Mass Communication Division
Texas Texh University




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